Our Jodie O’Shea program gives kids a chance to play some sort of sports that many of us would probably take for granted. Many youngsters from orphanages across Bali simply don’t have as many opportunities to train with top level coaches or develop their abilities in sport. Our goal is to provide the space, equipment, coaches and find funds to teach these kids valuable life skills learnt through sport, recreation and interaction that might not be found inside their current socio-economic and peer groups.

How it works?

Jodie O’Shea (JOS) and Finns Recreation Club have arranged a collaboration to be able to fulfil these kids’ dreams.

Finns will provide the facilities, equipment and top level coaches in various disciplines to allow the kids to train, at a special rate that is destined to pay the coaches and cover expenses only.

JOS has arranged internally to provide refreshments, prepare the kids and transport them to and from their sports activities safely and be on hand for any help and advice.

Now is your chance to sponsor a future sports star! From just Rp100K you can sponsor a child from Jodie O’Shea to participate in a sport in the JSA After School Sports Program with our Sports Patronage Program. Sponsor them for a session, the whole term or to really see them develop, sponsor them for the whole year! Term One of the Junior Sports Academy program commences from August 13th until October 12th.

Terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment to be made in full at the start of each term, or for the remaining sessions if joining mid-term.
  2. Prices:
      • Per Class => Rp. Rp. 100,000
        • Rp. 90,000 will be destined to cover costs of the JSA program
        • Rp. 10,000 will be destined to transportation costs for the kids from JOS to Finns and back (logistics managed by JOS)
      • Price Per Term => Rp. 1,100,000
      • Price Per Year => Rp. 4,200,000
  3. Sessions will be held once a week for each child, for the full term, except for pre-arranged breaks in service by Finns Recreation Club.
  4. Kids eligible for this program are chosen amongst all the JOS kids and based on the following criteria:
    • Interest in the chosen sport
    • Basic level of ability
    • Willingness and discipline to commit to a full term/year to see progress over time
  5. In order to be able to progress over time.
    • Sponsored kids will be accompanied and monitored by JOS staff at every single session.
    • Jodie O’Shea House will provide photos and regular Progress Reports to keep patrons updated and able to share the experience.
    • Patrons are welcome to join and watch any JSA session if they wish to.
    • If a child is ill or unable to attend a session due to after school commitments, such as exams or others, another willing child will take their place for that session.
    • If for any reason, a child is unable to continue until the end of a term, another willing child will take their place.
  6. Patrons will be informed if any of the above changes as and when applicable.

Have questions or interest in sponsoring a kid ?