Elena Shevchuk has started her path as a Surfing Coach since 2009 in Bali. Her fitness and surfing background helped her to develop a customized unique training program that improves surfing skills, maximizes endurance and physical performance as well as technical capabilities. 

Elena specializes in:
• General physical development, posture corrective exercises, strength and conditioning, mobility, functional training;
• specific training and skills development for surfers;
• Tactical and psychological behavior in surfing.


Land Training – Out of this class kids will have benefits developing postural balance and good proprioception control as well as improving their surfing skills on land. Beneficial for any board riding sport (surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing).

Pool Training – Specific for surfers, this training in the swimming pool, includes general endurance development, paddling technic and breath training. Kids will learn and improve board operation and control skills which require in the ocean.

Beach Training – The sessions are based around high intensity training on the beach and in the water. Drills such as sprints, body weight exercises (i.e push ups, squats, core work), breath holds in the surf, board paddles and sand dune runs. Aimed to build your fitness levels up, we encourage everyone to work within their limit and not over do it!

Surf Trip – Surf trips open for beginners and early intermediate surfers of all age. Surfing location which will be selected according waves and weather condition.

  • Maximum surfers in the group 8.
  • Instructor and surfers ratio : 1 to 2 in the group of 8-12 yo, 1 to 4 for above 12 yo.
  • Video analysis of surfing technique will be held at FRC once a month after a surf trip.



All in water practical lessons are conducted on Berawa Beach directly in front of Finns VIP club. Pick up and drop off of students is at Finns Rec Club

Private Sessions for Individuals or Small groups available on request. Please email jsa@finnsrecclub.com for details.

  • JSA Term 2 – October 24 to December 16
  • Limited Spots – “first come, first served’ basis.
  • Schedule subject to change due to coach illness or special event.
  • 7 session pack is available when signing up for 7 or more sessions.
  • Prices are nett including tax & service.
  • Pre-payment is required. If payment has not be settled in advance then children will not be able to join the activity