Pool Training
Pool training is the perfect way to teach kids techniques such as paddle, turtle roll, picking up speed, turns and more in a safe environment and gives them the strength required for ocean surfing. Israel the coach also teaches kids ocean safety during class to prepare them for things such as rips, sea animals and more.

Skate Training
Skateboard training teaches balance, how to pick up and keep speed on a wave and teaches students how to use their legs to turn. It’s a fantastic way to master where to look while being aware of their body and the board underneath them. Many pro surfers use skateboards as a training method to strengthen their leg muscles and prepare for riding waves.

JSA Pool Training is held at the Lap Pool and Skateboard Training is in the Multi-Function Hall.


Israel is a professional surf expert who specializes in physical preparation for surfers. Israel loves coaching because it gives him the opportunity to help people keep fit and also achieve goals that for many, are difficult to achieve alone. In the last years he has focused on surfing training, physical, technical and cognitive aspects for adults and children.

Private Sessions for Individuals or Small groups available on request. Please email jsa@finnsrecclub.com for details.

  • JSA Term 2 – 14th October to 14th December 2019.
  • Limited Spots – “first come, first served” basis.
  • Schedule subject to change due to weather, coach illness or special event.
  • 8 session pack is available when signing up for 8 or more sessions.
  • Classes require 4 participants minimum to continue for the term.
  • Prices are nett including tax & service.
  • 8 participants maximum per class.
  • Non refundable.