This is a great class for your kids to start learning the benefits of practicing the martial art of Muay Thai. Focus on basic techniques, drills and introduction to the sport. Participants will gain more confidence, better fitness, better coordination, speed and agility, while improving cardiovascular fitness. Such as punching, kicking, guards, and stances. Our bigger focus on teamwork, respect, discipline and goal setting, skills that are transferrable to any other areas in life.

Sparring is a possible advancement of this class which will be available for kids that have approval from their parents only.


Bao is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who creates dynamic and varied workouts, custom designed for each client’s unique needs.
With a diverse background in training, and an engaging personality, Bao is able to train children so they enjoy fitness, and also work with adults who want to rediscover new ways to get results.

For athletes that need an edge, or beginners who want to learn effective, safe and enjoyable training techniques, Bao offers training suitable for all every body.
Contact email bao@finnsrecclub.com


Private Sessions for Individuals or Small groups available on request. Please email jsa@finnsrecclub.com for details.

  • JSA Term 3 – 13th January to 21st March 2020.
  • Limited Spots – “first come, first served’ basis.
  • Schedule subject to change due to coach illness or special event.
  • 9 session pack is available when signing up for 9 or more sessions.
  • Prices are nett including tax & service.
  • Minimum age 10 years.